Day 20 - Women's Final India Vs. UK

The Indian women played a great match and defated UK in the finals

Day 20- Closing Ceremony

Watch the closing ceremony of World Kabaddi Cup 2011 an also the final matches. Watch performances from Harbhajan Mann and Raj Brar along with Akshay Kumar.

Day 18 - Semi Finals: India Vs. Italy

This was the first semi-final between India and Italy. Since USA's mens team was disqualified, Italy was admitted into the semi finals. Team India was able to beat Italy very easily, but Italian players did manage to get some points.

Day 16 - Pakistan Vs. Spain

This was the last pool match of the day with Pakistan taking on Spain. Team Pakistan has secured their first place in Pool B by beating Spain 62-14. They will be facing Team Canada in the World Kabaddi Cup Semi-Final being held on Nov. 18th. This should be the best match of the tournament, so far because both teams are evenly matched.

Day 16 - Italy vs Sri Lanka

Day 16 - UK Vs. Turkmenistan (women)

Team England played a great match again Turkmenistan. UK's womens' team easily beat Turkmenistan who looked smaller in size and skill compare to their counterparts. UK came back from a controversial tie game against US yesterday.

Day 15 - India Vs. Afghanistan

This match between India and Afghanistan was played on Day 15. India easily beat Afghanistan.